Spring 2017

In addition to Spring 2017 Service-Learning Courses listed below, you may also wish to engage in Community Engaged Learning through its available courses listed at the bottom of this page. 

Service-Learning Courses

Number Title Instructor Notes Curriculum Codes
AMES219S Civil Society and Civic Engagement in the Arab World Mbaye Lo CCI, CZ, EI, SS, W
BME460L Devices for People with Disabilities Kevin Caves
CEE315 Engineering Sustainable Design and the Global Community David Schaad Two sections CEE 315-20 / CEE 315-60 QS, STS
CHEM180 Chemistry Outreach: Sharing Chemistry with the Community Ken Lyle NS
DOCST202S Children and the Experience of Illness John Moses ALP, SS
DOCST224S Children's Self Expression: Literacy Through Photography Katie Hyde ALP, EI, SS
DOCST230S Small Town USA: Local Collaborations Susie Post-Rust ALP, CCI, R
DOCST317S Veterans Oral History Project Michelle Lanier CCI, SS
ECON390 Social Inequalities and Low-Wage Work Genna Miller
EDUC101 Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education Martin Paul Smith / Amy Anderson Two sections CCI, EI, SS
EDUC240 Educational Psychology David Malone /Antholene Prillaman Two sections CCI, EI, SS
EDUC277S Medical Ethics, Aging, and End of Life Care in the US Jehanne Gheith
EDUC303S De/Re/Segregration in Education (SEM) Amy Anderson
ENVIRON795 CBEM Practicum (LEC) Elizabeth N Shapiro
ETHICS301S Business and Human Rights Advocacy Lab Suzanne Katzenstein / Juliette Duara EI, R, W
GLHLTH270T-3 Voices in Global Health: French Tutorial Deb Reisinger
GLHLTH270T-7 Voices in Global Health: Swahili Tutorial Deb Reisinger / Mohamed Mwamzandi
GLHLTH373S Global Health Service, Research, and Ethics Sumedha Ariely EI, SS
HOUSECS59 Special Topics Kathy Sikes HOUSECS 59-01 Topic: Financial Coaching Tools
HUMANDEV260 Psychosocial Aspects of Human Development Debby Gold CCI, EI, SS
PHARM294 Research Independent Study in Science Education Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom (01) / Dimitri Blondel (02) Two sections PHARM 294 01 / 294 02 R
PHARM694 Research Independent Study in Science Education Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom (01) / Dimitri Blondel (02) Two sections PHARM 694 01 / 694 02 R
PSY239 Adolescence Christina Grimes SS
PUBPOL263 Border Crossing: Leadership, Value Conflicts, and Public Life Alma Blount CCI, EI, SS, W
PUBPOL265 Enterprising Leadership Tony Brown EI, SS
SOCIOL263 Aging and Health Debby Gold EI, SS, W
SPANISH205-02 Advanced Intermediate Spanish Eileen Anderson
SPANISH308S Latino/a Voices in Duke, Durham, and Beyond Rebecca Ewing CCI, CZ, FL, W
SPANISH312 Community-Based Research with Spanish-Speakers Joan Clifford CCI, FL, SS
THEATRST310S Nonprofit Cultural Institutions Dan Ellison EI, SS

Community Engaged Courses

Number Title Instructor
AMES320S Refugees' Lives: Violence, Culture, and Identity Maha Houssami
CHINESE204 Intermediate Chinese Yan Liu
CHINESE306 Advanced Chinese II Yan Liu
CREOLE102 Elementary Creole II Jacques Pierre
CREOLE204 Advanced Intermediate Creole Jacques Pierre
EDUC290S.01 Selected Topics: Teaching Masculinities David Malone / Dane Emmerling
EDUC290T & 390T Changing Perspectives in Durham David Malone / David Stein
GLHLTH270T-1 Voices in Global Health: Arabic Tutorial Maha Houssami
GLHLTH270T-5 Voices in Global Health: Mandarin Tutorial Yan Liu / Deb Reisinger
I&E590-01 Social Innovation Practicum Matt Nash / Paul Bloom
JPN306 Advanced Japanese Naoko Kurokaw
PERSIAN102 Elementary Persian Fattaneh Naeymi-Rad
SPANISH205-01 Advanced Intermediate Spanish Graciela Vidal
SPANISH310 Advanced Spanish-English and English-Spanish Translation Joan Munne / Melissa Simmermeyer