The Short Audio Documentary

Introductory to intermediate audio techniques. Students will document the lives of children in East Durham, acting as mentors and helping the children to create audio pieces about their own lives. Students produce four short pieces (roughly three minutes long) in varying styles (journalistic, personal, artistic) for posting on iTunes and on public multimedia websites.

Language in Immigrant America

Discussion of issues of language in the context of immigration in the United States, from the turn of the 20th century until the present, combining approaches from literature, memoirs, language policy, media studies, and linguistic anthropology. Some fieldwork in an immigrant community. Topics include: identity, assimilation, race, bilingual communities, bilingual education, foreign accents, language contact.

Refugees' Lives: Violence, Culture, and Identity

This course examines how writers, artists and filmmakers represent the ways in which Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis, Sudanese and Egyptians have become refugees and their adaptation strategies to new, harsh circumstances both in and outside the Arab world. It also discusses government and non-governmental organizations that have worked with Arab refugees since 1948 and explores the role played by refugees in constructing national identity and consciousness. Students will collect stories and histories of Arab refugees in Durham.