Archaeological Field School in Crete

Practicum in archaeological fieldwork and finds processing. Introduces students to archaeological excavation in Greece through “hands-on” experience. Students assist field archaeologists and various specialists (e.g., surveyors, palaeoethnobotanists, conservators, etc.). Required service work alongside local villagers, members of local and regional cultural groups, and researchers on conservation and field preservation activities.

Refugees' Lives: Violence, Culture, and Identity

This course examines how writers, artists and filmmakers represent the ways in which Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis, Sudanese and Egyptians have become refugees and their adaptation strategies to new, harsh circumstances both in and outside the Arab world. It also discusses government and non-governmental organizations that have worked with Arab refugees since 1948 and explores the role played by refugees in constructing national identity and consciousness. Students will collect stories and histories of Arab refugees in Durham.

Conversational Egyptian Arabic

This course aims to develop speaking and reading proficiency level in conversational Egyptian Arabic within a cultural context including idiomatic expressions, social interaction, and understanding of customs, and holiday traditions. Students will visit local Arab/ Egyptian cultural associations, religious sites and families and develop profiles of local Egyptians and their journeys through interviews and discussion sessions.