Jewish Ethics

In this course, students will study the understanding of good, evil, and the moral life in Judaism, and acquire a familiarity with the general Jewish approach to ethics from antiquity to modern times.

Theory and Practice of Sustainability

Theories and practices of sustainability explored with application to the campus environment, including economic, social and environmental factors, and a local to global reach. The Duke campus is used as a case study to illustrate institutional practices including building design and operations, utility supply and consumption, carbon offsets design and calculation, transportation, water, sustainability education and communication, behavior change, waste production and recycling, and procurement.

Teaching Practices in Elementary Language Arts & Social Studies

Research-based teaching practices in elementary language arts and social studies for culturally diverse populations. Emphasis on literacy development across grade levels and content areas. Readings and field experience promoting critical analysis of ethical teaching practices, role of teachers and schools in society, and impact of teacher affect on environment and student learning.