Educational Leadership In and Beyond the Classroom

Introduction to study of culture, organization, and leadership in K-12 schools. Exploration of the history of leadership theories and practices and their application to current educational settings. Focus on moral dilemmas, ethical concepts, and general nature of ethical reasoning in varied school settings. Contrast the current focus on school reform through increased accountability, high stakes testing, and standards with the power of shared systems of norms, values, and traditions.

Children, Schools, and Society

The processes by which children are educated in the United States. Ways children acquire through schooling social skills, moral values, and a sense of their role in society. Evaluation of the appropriateness of these goals for schooling, how schooling shapes children's development, and how the education policies that sanction these processes are formed.

Educational Psychology

Principles of developmental, social, and cognitive psychology as applied to education, with a focus on how children learn. Examination of the impact on learning of race, class, gender, and ethnicity, including a comparative analysis of cultural differences in American schools.

Pursuit of Equality: Rethinking Schools - Lens of Social Justice

Examination of ways schools may or may not perpetuate and reproduce social inequities. Focus on recent efforts to imagine and create socially-just schools. Discussion of our ethical responsibilities as civically engaged citizens to work towards educational equality and provide support of schools that are inclusive, culturally responsive, and democratic.

Politics of Food: Land, Labor, Health, and Economics

Explores the food system through fieldwork, study, and guest lectures that include farmers, nutritionists, sustainable agriculture advocates, rural organizers, and farmworker activists. Examines how food is produced, seeks to identify and understand its workers and working conditions in fields and factories, and, using documentary research conducted in the field and other means, unpacks the major current issues in the food justice arena globally and locally.