Service-Learning Courses

Service-learning courses are designed to integrate community-engaged experiences with academic course content, while providing benefit to our community partners. Essential elements of the courses include twenty or more hours of service activities, critical reflection on the relationship between course content and service experience, and an emphasis on the ethical and civic dimensions of service.

Community-Engaged Learning Courses

These courses include a variety of interactions in the community, and although community-based learning courses do not offer the sustained service component that Service-Learning courses do, they offer enriching aspects of working in the community and opportunity for critical reflection on ethical service experiences.

Community-Based Language Courses

These courses integrate academic language learning with local community, offering Duke language students opportunities to interact with community members who both speak the language and can share the culture. Community-based language courses include Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese, Persian, Haitian Creole, and more.

Number Title Crosslistings Curriculum Codes
AMES219S Civil Society and Civic Engagement in the Arab World CCI, CZ, EI, SS, W
AMES320S Refugee Lives: Violence, Culture and Identity DOCST321S ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
AMI335S Public Policy Video PUBPOL375S, DOCST271S ALP, CCI, SS
BME460L Devices for People with Disabilities
CEE315 Engineering Sustainable Design and the Global Community ENVIRON365-60, PUBPOL211-60, Energy and the Environment, RIGHTS 315-20, 315-60 QS, STS
CHEM180 Chemistry Outreach: Sharing Chemistry with the Community NS
COMPSCI408 Delivering Software: From Concept to Client R, STS
CULANTH397S Language in Immigrant America ENGLISH396S, LINGUIST396S, SES396S, ICS396S ALP, CCI, R
DANCE215S Performing Sexual Health GLHLTH 216S, THEATRST 297S
DOCST 332S Farmworkers in North Carolina: Roots of Poverty, Roots of Change CULANTH 236S, VMS 341S, LSGS 332S CCI, EI, SS
DOCST202S Children and the Experience of Illness PUBPOL395S, VMS211S, Child Policy Research ALP, SS
DOCST209S Digital Documentary Photography: Education, Childhood, and Growth ARTVIS212S, VMS212FS, EDUC209S, Information Science + Studies, VMS 212S ALP
DOCST224S Children's Self Expression: Literacy Through Photography EDUC244S, VMS207S ALP, EI, SS
DOCST230S Small Town USA: Local Collaborations ARTVIS232S, PUBPOL389S, VMS224S, Policy Journalism and Media ALP, CCI, R
DOCST317S Veterans Oral History Project HISTORY381S, RIGHTS 317S CCI, SS
DOCST341S Politics of Food: Land, Labor, Health, and Economics CULANTH238S, PUBPOL380S, ICS342S ALP, CCI, EI, R
ECON337S Social Inequalities and Low-Wage Work
EDUC 111FS Pursuit of Equality: Rethinking Schools - Lens of Social Justice CCI, EI, SS
EDUC 240/240S Educational Psychology PSY240, Child Policy Research, Ethics Elective CCI, EI, SS
EDUC101 / EDUC101S Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education Ethics Elective CCI, EI, SS
EDUC112FS Medical Ethics, Aging, and End of Life Care in the US PUBPOL 183FS, RUSSIAN 121FS, SCISOC 112FS ALP, CCI, EI
EDUC113FS Enterprising Leadership and Civic Engagement CULANTH 113FS EI, SS
EDUC149S Computer Science Education Research Seminar: Teaching with Robots COMPSCI149S EI, QS, STS
EDUC243S Children, Schools, and Society PUBPOL243S, Child Policy Research, Ethics Elective CCI, EI, SS, W
EDUC277S Medical Ethics, Aging, and End of Life Care in the US
EDUC303S De/Re/Segregration in Education: A Case of Back to the Future? PUBPOL 340S, RIGHTS 303S
EDUC408S Teaching Practices in Elementary Language Arts & Social Studies Ethics Elective CCI, EI, SS
EDUC420 Elementary Education: Internship EI
ENVIRON245 Theory and Practice of Sustainability SUSTAIN245, Energy and the Environment EI, NS, R, SS, STS
ENVIRON737 Environmental Education and Interpretation
ENVIRON795 Community Based Environmental Management Practicum (LEC)
ETHICS 215 Resettling Refugees in Durham
ETHICS301S Business and Human Rights Advocacy Lab POLSCI341S, ICS317S, PUBPOL311S, MMS EI, R, W
FRENCH325S Global Displacement: Voix Francophones ICS332S, GLHLTH325S CCI, CZ, EI, FL, SS
GLHLTH270T-3 Voices in Global Health: French Tutorial
GLHLTH270T-7 Voices in Global Health: Swahili Tutorial
GLHLTH373S Global Health Service, Research, and Ethics EI, SS
HUMANDEV260 Psychosocial Aspects of Human Development PSY236, SOCIOL260, Ethics Elective CCI, EI, SS
I&E 510 Social Innovation Practicum
JEWISHST 89S Values in Action: The Duke Philanthropy Lab ETHICS 89S, Religion 89S, Political Science 89S, Public Policy 89S CCI, CZ, EI
JEWISHST290S Culture Wars: Identity and Culture in Israel and Palestine
PHARM294 Research Independent Study in Science Education R
PHARM694 Research Independent Study in Science Education R
PSY239 Adolescence Child Policy Research SS
PUBPOL263 Border Crossing: Leadership, Value Conflicts, and Public Life CCI, EI, SS, W
PUBPOL265S Enterprising Leadership EI, SS
PUBPOL271S Social Entrepreneurship in Action Ethics Elective, MMS, Marine Science and Conservation EI, SS
SOCIOL178FS Refugees, Rights and Resettlement ETHICS199FS, SOCIOL 250 CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL250 Medical Sociology EI, SS
SOCIOL263 Aging and Health EI, SS, W
SOCIOL264 Death and Dying Global Health EI, SS
SOCIOL349 Sexuality and Society SXL229 CCI, EI, R, SS
SOCIOL634S Making Social Policy PUBPOL563S, CHILDPOL634S, Child Policy Research R, SS
SPANISH205 Advanced Intermediate Spanish
SPANISH307S Issues of Education and Immigration EDUC307S , LSGS307S CCI, FL
SPANISH308S Latino/a Voices in Duke, Durham, and Beyond LSGS308S CCI, CZ, FL, W
SPANISH312 Community-Based Research with Spanish-Speakers CCI, FL, SS
SPANISH313 Bridging Cultures: Latino Lives and Experiences in NC CCI, FL, SS
THEATRST290-4 Stories for Social Change
THEATRST310S Nonprofit Cultural Institutions ECON247S, VMS329S, I & E 310S EI, SS