Intermediate Chinese


Chinese 203
Students from Chinese 203 discuss art in Chinese at the Nasher Museum of Art.

About the Course:

Second-year level Mandarin Chinese. Prerequisite: Chinese 102 or its equivalent. Not open to students who have completed Chinese 232 or 242. Community-based activities aim to enhance students’ abilities in conversing on personal topics in informal situations, in reading and writing narrative and descriptive texts, and in analyzing the structure of Chinese language.
VIDEO: Professor Liu and Bonnie Wang from Durham Academy discuss the reciprocal learning (and fun!) that results from their partnership. They have partnered together on community-based activities for the past 3 years. 
"Bonnie's students really helped bring motivation to my students. Because they see these younger students who are learning Chinese and are really good at it and think 'I need to work harder.' And doing community-based activities together like visiting the Nasher and talking about the arts and communicating with each other in Chinese really helped our students to learn," says Professor Liu.

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