Performing Sexual Health


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Meet the Duke Sex Ed Squad, a theater collective that develops engaging, challenging performances and workshops to educate Triangle-area high school students on issues of sexual health.

Course Overview:

Service-Learning course exploring the history, theories, and strategies behind activist sexual health education theater as it has been used locally and globally. Intensive training on sex, sexuality, HIV/AIDS, and history of artists interventions to open urgent dialogues. Examination of humor, personal narrative, and non-judgmental, sex-positive approaches to open dialogue about sexual health by and for diverse communities. Students create and tour a live performance and workshop for high school students and also create short videos segments to be used by high school teachers in health classrooms. 

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About the professor:


My spiritual path is that of a Sikh, which translates as “student”. As a life-long learner, my research focus is embodied, experiential education, particularly that which promotes social change. I am interested in ways that dance, theater and yoga can be used as tools for personal and social transformation, particularly with communities often identified as “at risk”. Current research projects include:

• a BASS Connections-supported study of the effects of a regular yoga practice on middle school students in Orange County, NC,
• the use of interactive theater to address issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual health.

WATCH: In this video, Keval talks about how dance, yoga and meditation can be tools for social change:


Read an article in the Indy about Keval here.

Performing Sexual Health

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