Engineering Sustainable Design and the Global Community: Structural Focus

CEE 315-20

Design and testing of solutions to complex interdisciplinary design products in a service-learning context with a focus on structural products. Technical design principles; sustainable and engineering best practices; prototype formation, testing and evaluation; and establishment of research and analysis methodologies in a community-based research experience. Working in partnership with a community agency (local, national, or international) and participation in an experimental learning process by engineering a design solution for an identified community need. Evaluation focused on design deliverables, fabricated prototypes and a critical reflection of the experimental learning process. Instructor: Schaad


Cross-Listed as
ENVIRON 365-20
PUBPOL 211-20
RIGHTS 315-20


Prerequisite: EGR 201L or ECE 110L (or consent of instructor)

Curriculum Codes
  • STS
  • QS
Cross-Listed As
  • ENVIRON 365-20
  • PUBPOL 211-20
  • RIGHTS 315-20
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