Enterprising Leadership and Civic Engagement


Course Overview:

How do you make change happen?  Is community service enough?  Spend the semester developing and implementing an idea to improve the first-year experience at Duke.  Examine ethical issues that arise when engaging in community service.  Dive deeply into systematic issues of inequality and discuss how everyday citizens can lead efforts to bring about change.  Learn about different models of leadership and how leadership intersects with social change.  Explore and enhance your own abilities as a leader.  This course incorporates opportunity for reflection and a high level of interaction with classmates.

About Focus Clusters:

This FOCUS cluster pursues themes associated with Duke's strategic goal of using knowledge in the service of society. Increasingly in American higher education, both public and private institutions are underscoring their commitment to civic engagement in their curricular and co-curricular offerings. This stems from an increased recognition of the important role that our colleges and universities play in helping to solve real world problems in our local, national and international communities. Duke’s commitment to civic engagement has been widely recognized, and students in this cluster will become widely familiar with how Duke is engaged with it is many communities.

Students enrolling in the FOCUS cluster will learn about, critique, and explore the conceptual underpinnings of the pursuit of civic engagement and will get real life experiences through a service learning course that places students in a Durham public school and a leadership course that provides students the opportunity to develop and act on enterprising civic engagement ideas.

An exploration of ways that students can exercise enterprising leadership to develop innovative, resourceful solutions to important civic issues within and external to Duke University. Course includes four primary focuses: understanding models of change, exploring and practicing enterprising leadership behaviors, reflecting upon ethical values, and designing and implementing a civic engagement project on campus. Open only to students in the Focus Program. Instructor consent required. Instructor: Bergene

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  • RIGHTS 113FS
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