Fall 2016

Number Title Instructor
AMI335S Public Policy Video Bruce Orenstein
BME460L Devices for People with Disabilities Kevin Caves
COMPSCI408 Delivering Software: From Concept to Client Robert Duvall
CULANTH397S Language in Immigrant America Dominika Marta Baran
DANCE215S Performing Sexual Health Keval Khalsa
DOCST209S Digital Documentary Photography: Education, Childhood, and Growth Susie Post-Rust
DOCST341S Politics of Food: Land, Labor, Health, and Economics
EDUC 111FS Pursuit of Equality: Rethinking Schools - Lens of Social Justice David Malone / Jan Riggsbee
EDUC 240/240S Educational Psychology David Malone / Molly Michelle Goldwasser
EDUC101 / EDUC101S Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education Amy Anderson / Martin Paul Smith / Kisha Daniels
EDUC149S Computer Science Education Research Seminar: Teaching with Robots
EDUC243S Children, Schools, and Society Kisha Daniels
EDUC408S Teaching Practices in Elementary Language Arts & Social Studies Jan Riggsbee
ENVIRON245 Theory and Practice of Sustainability Charlotte Clark / Tavey Capps
ENVIRON737 Environmental Education and Interpretation
FRENCH325S Global Displacement: Voix Francophones Deb Reisinger
PHARM294 Research Independent Study in Science Education Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom (01) / Dimitri Blondel (02)
PUBPOL271S Social Entrepreneurship in Action
SOCIOL178FS Refugees, Rights and Resettlement Suzanne Shanahan
SOCIOL250 Medical Sociology Deborah Gold
SOCIOL264 Death and Dying Deborah Gold
SOCIOL349 Sexuality and Society
SOCIOL634S Making Social Policy
SPANISH308S Latino/a Voices in Duke, Durham, and Beyond Ana B. Fernandez Gonzalez
SPANISH313 Bridging Cultures: Latino Lives and Experiences in NC Bethzaida Fernandez
THEATRST290-4 Stories for Social Change Madeleine Lambert / Lynden Harris