Fall 2023

We offer dozens of courses for all interests and majors.  Courses with the Service-Learning label include a minimum of 20 hours involvement in community service projects, as well as critical reflection on the experience and on the connection to the academic discipline.  Community-Engaged courses are also deeply connected to community activities, but don't require 20 hours of service.

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Cross-listed Courses
Many courses are cross-listed under more than one course number, and may count toward more than one requirement.  Click on the course title to see a list of cross-listed course numbers.

Service-Learning Courses

Number Title Codes Notes
STA 470S Introduction to Statistical Consulting EI, R, W, QS Iverson
CHILDPOL 532S Community-Based Research on Early Childhood Policy and Practice Rosanbalm
DOCST 209FS Digital Documentary Photography: Education, Childhood, and Growth EI, ALP Post-Rust
DOCST 209S Digital Documentary Photography: Education, Childhood, and Growth EI, ALP Post-Rust
ECON 337S Social Inequalities and Low-Wage Work EI, SS Miller
EDUC 101 Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education CCI, EI, SS Anderson
EDUC 111FS Pursuit of Equality: Rethinking Schools - Lens of Social Justice CCI, EI, SS Anderson
EDUC 240 Educational Psychology CCI, EI, SS McCoy
EDUC 243S Children, Schools, and Society CCI, EI, W, SS Wynn
EDUC 408S Teaching Practices in Elementary Language Arts and Social Studies CCI, EI, SS Departmental Staff
ETHICS 301S Business and Human Rights Advocacy Lab EI, R, W Katzenstein
FRENCH 308S Manger: Food and Food Systems in the French-Speaking World CCI, FL, W, CZ Florand
FRENCH 325S Global Displacement: Voix Francophones CCI, EI, FL, CZ, SS Reisinger
GLHLTH 499 Global Health Capstone R, SS Clements
HINDI 101 Elementary Hindi FL Knapczyk 
HINDI 203D Intermediate Hindi FL, CZ Knapczyk 
PSY 390S Special Topics in Psychology Kushnir
SOCIOL 264 Death and Dying EI, SS Gold
SPANISH 205 Advanced Intermediate Spanish with Service-Learning FL, CZ Ewing
SPANISH 306 Health, Culture, and the Latino Community CCI, FL Clifford
SPANISH 308S Latinx Voices in Duke, Durham, and Beyond CCI, FL, W, CZ Anderson
SPANISH 313 Bridging Cultures: Latino Lives and Experiences in NC CCI, FL, SS Fernandez

Community-Engaged Courses

Number Title Codes Notes
AMES 191 Indian Literature of Marginalized Society CCI, ALP, CZ Knapczyk
ARABIC 305 Advanced Arabic CCI, FL, ALP Houssami
ARABIC 306 Advanced Arabic FL, ALP Houssami
CHINESE 101 First-Year Chinese I FL He
CHINESE 102 First-Year Chinese II FL Jiao
CHINESE 105D First-Year Chinese in Review I FL Hsieh
CHINESE 131 First Year Chinese for Bilingual Learners FL Chou
CHINESE 203 Intermediate Chinese FL Liu
CHINESE 204 Intermediate Chinese CCI, FL, CZ Zhang
CHINESE 232 Intermediate Chinese for Bilingual Learners FL Chou
CHINESE 305D Pre-Advanced Chinese CCI, FL, CZ Zhang
CHINESE 331 Modern Chinese Society and Culture through New Media He
CHINESE 331D Modern Chinese Society and Culture through New Media CCI, FL, CZ
CHINESE 333 Advanced Chinese for Bilingual Learners CCI, FL, ALP, CZ Hsu
CHINESE 407S Issues in Chinese Language and Society I CCI, FL, ALP, CZ Hsu
EDUC 115FS Culture, Language, and Purposeful Discomfort in American Classrooms EI, SS Ramírez-DelToro
EGR 101L Engineering Design and Communication Staff
FRENCH 204 Advanced Intermediate French Language and Culture FL, CZ Florand
GLHLTH 210 Global Health Ethics: Policy Choice as Value Conflict EI, SS Whetten
I&E 510 Social Innovation Practicum Staff
LINGUIST 364 Gender and Language CCI, R, SS Clements
LSGS 201S Introduction to Latino/a Studies in the Global South CCI, ALP, SS Enriquez
PUBPOL 590 Advanced Topics in Public Policy Zagbayou