Design to Impact: Engaging in Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation

I&E 590

In this project-based course, students will work in interdisciplinary teams to engage with local leaders and community stakeholders to understand a critical problem or challenge pertaining to education equity, and to co-create ideas for promising solutions that are desirable, feasible, viable, and scalable in the local context. Throughout the course, students will be introduced to established methods and tools of design professional practice, increasing their ability to apply these tools effectively to other social problems in the future. Design to Benefit is intended for graduate and professional students and exceptional undergraduates who have an interest in education equity and are interested in developing their skills to act as entrepreneurial leaders, innovators, consultants, policy makers, philanthropists, impact investors, and changemakers in a wide variety of career fields and across multiple sectors. The course may also appeal to students interested in incorporating strategies for social impact into their careers in business, law, healthcare, education, public policy, environmental sustainability, or other fields.