Course Profiles

Biomedical Engineering 460L: Devices for People with Disabilities

Design of custom devices to aid disabled individuals. Students will be paired with health care professionals at local hospitals who will supervise the development of projects for specific clients.


Chemistry 180: Chemistry Outreach: Sharing Chemistry with the Community

Principles of chemistry outreach with emphasis on chemical demonstrations.



Computer Science 149S: Computer Science Education Research Seminar: Teaching with Robots

Project-based robotics course linked with community service. Designing and implementing the software and hardware architecture of a LEGO robot to perform tasks such as line tracking and simple map building.


Cultural Anthropology 235S: Human Rights Activism

Introduction to the foundations and development of the human rights movement. Explore themes related to mass violence and social conflict, U.S. foreign policy and international humanitarian law, and the challenges of justice and reconciliation around the world.


Documentary Studies 450S: Documentary Engagment through Field-Based Projects

Documentary photography as a tool for social engagement in preparation for intensive field-based projects.


Education 101: Foundations of Education

Interdisciplinary examination of issues confronting American education, incorporating historical, political, economical, philosophical, and social perspectives. Exploration of ways cultural influences and differences have shaped public schools.


Environmental Sciences 218: Food and Energy

Examination of link between food and energy, both in science and culture. Includes food production, processing, transportation, consumption, and food security.


Public Policy 563S: Making Social Policy

Examines the policymaking process, the role of different sectors in policymaking, policymakers' use of research and communicating with policymakers. Focus on social policy.


Sociology 264: Death and Dying

The biomedical, economic, social, and psychological issues surrounding death and dying in the twenty-first century in America. Religious and cultural perspectives both in the Judeo-Christian ethic and in other religious frameworks. Theories of dying from sociological and social psychological perspectives.


Spanish 308S: Latino/a Voices in Duke, Durham and Beyond

Construction of Latino/a identity(ies) and formation of community voices through the lens of cultural, political, and social issues at local and national level. Assessment on knowledge of content, oral and written Spanish.