Refugees, Rights and Resettlement


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Snehan Sharma (above) took Shanahan’s “Refugees, Rights, and Resettlement” course as a student in Kenan’s Focus cluster. "I never viewed it as a chore and just something I had to do for class," he says. "Having had some experience tutoring Bhutanese refugee middle schoolers in Georgia, my home state, I knew from the beginning that it would not only be a great time, but also a great learning opportunity for both my tutee and me."

Course Overview:

35 million refugees and internally displaced persons in the world. A comparative historical overview of international refugee policy and law dealing with this growing population. Students will grapple with the ethical challenges posed by humanitarian intervention on behalf of refugees and the often unintended consequences of such policies. Students examine case studies to determine how different models for dealing with refugee resettlement affect the life chances of refugees. Students will work with refugees from Bhutan, Burma and Iraq recently resettled in Durham. Instructor consent required.

Article about the course with photos here.

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Refugees, Rights and Resettlement

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