Advanced Intermediate Spanish


The Fall 2017 Class translated materials for the Duke Lemur Center and the Nasher Museum.

"A goal of mine is to achieve fluency in another language and to connect with another culture, and looking back on my experiences this semester, this course was a huge step forward for me." 

Course Overview:

Spanish 205 builds on the elements of the language acquired in Spanish 101 through 203, developing high intermediate language skills while fostering intercultural competency through work in the Durham-Latino community. The course expands students' range and sophistication of grammar usage and vocabulary and works with comprehension and production of texts of greater extension and complexity. A number of class assignments and discussions explore Latino themes such as education and the impact of immigration in their lives. In addition, some of the service-learning projects 205 students have collaborated with in the past include participating in a Literacy fostering and after school program for elementary students and ESL tutoring with adults in Duke's GANO program.

More about the course and past student projects can be found here.

Service-Learning Course Objectives:

  • Expand student awareness and understanding of social problems and abilities to address and respond to such problems.
  • Introduce students to an experiential style of learning.
  • Learn the meaning of service, cross-cultural understanding, interdependence, and humility.
  • Learn and apply tools for self-evaluation to gauge an effect on a given community.
  • Build confidence in language use through contact with the Spanish-speaking community.
  • Apply knowledge in service of society.
  • Foster an ability to engage difference.


Students must complete 20 hours of service.The Professor will share possible opportunities throughout the semester. Students are invited to explore GANO and ISLA early in the semester to explore other opportunities.

Advanced Intermediate Spanish

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