Issues of Education and Immigration



Community-based interaction with Durham Public Schools. Topics: Latino/a identity, access to education for immigrants, academic performance, assimilation, general pressures of family and peers, bilingualism, configurations of ethno-racial consciousness. Required 20 hours outside of class with assigned community partners. Assessment on knowledge of content, oral and written Spanish, and participation in service. Recommended students take 300-level Spanish course prior to enrolling. Pre-requisite: Spanish 204 or equivalent.

Learning Objectives:

Communication Skills

  •   Expand vocabulary and terminology associated with course content
  •   Expand knowledge of current political and social issues related to the course content
  •   Reinforce and improve accuracy and fluency of written and spoken Spanish
  •   Develop presentational skills and personal interactions through group and individual projects
  •   Develop self-correction abilities
  •   Build confidence in language use through contact with the Spanish-speaking community
  •   Explore abstract level discourse

Knowledge Base

  •  Apply knowledge in service of society
  •  Make meaning of complex information
  •  Apply critical thinking skills
  •  Develop research skills
  •  Evaluate and discern among competing claims (national and local issues)

Personal Development of Civic-engagement Attitudes and Skills

  • Awareness of and Involvement in community
  • Commitment to service
  • Interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills
  • Awareness of diversity issues and cultural competencies
  • Ability to engage difference
  • Ability to complete ethically sound ethnographic research

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