Bridging Cultures: Latino Lives and Experiences in NC


Course Overview:

Exploration of key issues surrounding Latino communities in Durham and beyond, focusing on issues of culture and immigration, health, education, economy. Assigned projects and activities will emphasize bidirectional learning and cultural understanding and facilitate opportunities for building bridges to local communities. Includes a minimum of 14 hours of community engagement with a local organization. Assessment based on knowledge of content, oral and written Spanish, and community engagement. Pre-requisite: Spanish 204 or equivalent. Previous 300-level course recommended. One course.

About Professor Bethzaida Fernandez:

I teach all levels of Spanish with an emphasis on intermediate and advance level courses with core content on health and Latino/a immigration issues. My interests include second-language teaching and learning methodologies, technology in the second language classroom, community-based and service-learning pedagogies, intercultural competence development, Latino/a immigration, Global Heatlh. I direct the Duke in Costa Rica summer abroad program, and coordinate the Intermediate Spanish Language Program (SPAN 203).

Curriculum Codes: