Spring 2023

We offer dozens of courses for all interests and majors.  Courses with the Service-Learning label include a minimum of 20 hours involvement in community activities, as well as critical reflection on the experience.  The community experiences are deeply connected to course content.

Curriculum Codes

Most of the courses can be used to fulfill Trinity College of Arts and Sciences general education requirements.  See the "Codes" designation for curriculum codes.  

Cross-listed Courses

In addition, many courses are cross-listed under more than one course number, and may count toward more than one requirement.  Click on the course title to see a list of cross-listed course numbers.

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Service-Learning Courses

Number Title Codes Notes
BME 460L Devices for People with Disabilities (DR) Caves
CEE 315-20 Engineering Sustainable Design and the Global Community: Structural Focus STS, QS Schaad
CEE 315-60 Engineering Sustainable Design and the Global Community: Environmental Focus STS, QS Schaad
DOCST 202S Children and the Experience of Illness ALP, SS Moses
DOCST 230S Small Town USA: Local Collaborations CCI, R, ALP Post-Rust
DOCST 317S Veterans Oral History Project CCI, SS Lanier
ECON 337S Social Inequalities and Low-Wage Work EI, SS Miller
EDUC 101 Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education CCI, EI, SS Anderson, Staff

EDUC 240 Educational Psychology CCI, EI, SS McCoy
EDUC 243S Children, Schools, and Society CCI, EI, W, SS Wynn
EDUC 303S De/Re/Segregation in Education: A Case of Back to the Future? CCI, EI, SS Anderson
EDUC 420-1 Elementary Education: Practicum EI Riggsbee
ENGLISH 397S Narratives of Migration CCI, R, ALP Baran
ENVIRON 245 The Theory and Practice of Sustainability EI, R, STS, NS, SS Clark
ENVIRON 795 Practicum in Community Engagement in the Environmental Field Shapiro-Garza
HINDI 102 Elementary Hindi FL Knapczyk
HINDI 204D Intermediate Hindi FL, CZ Knapczyk
I&E 590 Special Topics in Innovation & Entrepreneurship Clements
ICS 283S Death, Burial, and Justice in the Americas EI, SS Rosenblatt
NEUROSCI 444S Neuroscience Service Learning: Brain Connections STS, NS, SS Ng
PUBPOL 263S Leading In and With Community CCI, EI, W, SS Zagbayou
PUBPOL 298 Authentic Leadership in Private, Public, and Not-for-Profit Organizations EI, SS Nurkin
SOCIOL 264 Death and Dying EI, SS Gold
SPANISH 205 Advanced Intermediate Spanish with Service-Learning FL, CZ Ewing
SPANISH 306 Health, Culture, and the Latino Community CCI, FL Fernandez
SPANISH 307S Issues of Education and Immigration CCI, FL Ewing
WRITING 101 Academic Writing Ellison

Community-Engaged Courses

Number Title Codes Notes
AMES 304 Africa and Arabia: Cultures, Communities, and Connections CCI, CZ, SS Lo
AMES 337S Chinese Sociolinguistics CCI, SS Liu
ARABIC 305 Advanced Arabic CCI, FL, ALP Houssami
ARABIC 408 Issues in Arabic Language and Literature II FL, ALP Houssami
BME 230L Global Women's Health Technologies STS
CHINESE 101 First-Year Chinese I FL He
CHINESE 102 First-Year Chinese II FL Jiao
CHINESE 131 First Year Chinese for Bilingual Learners FL Chou
CHINESE 203 Intermediate Chinese FL Guo
CHINESE 204 Intermediate Chinese CCI, FL, CZ Zhang
CHINESE 232 Intermediate Chinese for Bilingual Learners FL Hsu
CHINESE 273T Voices in Public Policy: Mandarin Chinese Tutorial Liu
CHINESE 333 Advanced Chinese for Bilingual Learners CCI, FL, ALP, CZ Hsu
CHINESE 408S Chinese Language and Culture through Film CCI, FL, ALP, CZ Zhang
CHINESE 450S Understanding China and the United States: Stereotypes, Conflicts, and Common Challenges CCI, FL, CZ
EDUC 89S First-Year Seminar Malone
ENVIRON 590 Special Topics Ledlee
FRENCH 321S Working in French: S'engager dans le monde francophone CCI, FL Reisinger
HINDI 270T-4 Voices in Global Health: Hindi Tutorial Knapczyk
PUBPOL 590 Advanced Topics in Public Policy Zagbayou
SPANISH 271T Voices in Public Policy: Spanish Tutorial Romero
SPANISH 305 Advanced Spanish for Heritage Learners CCI, FL, W, CZ Munné