Teaching Practices in Elementary Language Arts and Social Studies


Course Overview:

Education 408S is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the strategies and methodologies that reflect current educational practice and research in language arts/literacy and social studies education in grades K- 6.  The class offers students various opportunities to critically examine, discuss, and reflect about the teacher’s role in shaping curriculum and instruction, particularly in relation to working with diverse student populations and their families.

This course is designed to help students:

  • Become knowledgeable of the local community (history, economics, culture, resources, and schools) in preparation for working with schools, students, and families in Durham.
  • Identify and apply research-verified practices and methods in elementary language arts and social studies.
  • Use state standards (Common Core and Essential Standards) as a basis for planning and instruction.
  • Effectively plan and implement instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Use self-reflection and mentor feedback to inform future instruction.
  • Develop and apply a personal philosophy of education

Co-Curricular Community-Based Learning Experiences:

Central to the course is a planned and sequential field experience in culturally and academically diverse K – 6 classroom settings in the local Durham schools.  These experiences provide real-world laboratories where students are provided various opportunities for application of learning theories and methods to classroom practice.

Engagement: The University has made its commitment to civic engagement a clear priority, and our programs have been leaders in Duke’s efforts.  We are international leaders in the development of service-learning pedagogies in teacher preparation.  Beyond the scope of traditional fieldwork, our emphasis on engagement reconceptualizes the partnership between pre-service teachers, community schools, and the University by drawing attention to broader social and ethical considerations of the schooling experience. Graduates of our program are unequivocally clear that their commitment to teaching is a commitment to a life of civic engagement.

Research-based teaching practices in elementary language arts and social studies for culturally diverse populations. Emphasis on literacy development across grade levels and content areas. Readings and field experience promoting critical analysis of ethical teaching practices, role of teachers and schools in society, and impact of teacher effect on environment and student learning. Consent of instructor required. Includes a service-learning component involving work in the community.


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