Research Independent Study in Science Education

Course Overview:

Individual research in a field of science education (with reference to pharmacology) at the precollege level, under the supervision of a faculty member, resulting in a substantive paper or written report containing significant analysis and interpretation of study results. Open to (juniors and seniors) with consent of supervising instructor. Prerequisite: Biology 25L; Chemistry 21L or 23L. 

Language in Immigrant America

Discussion of issues of language in the context of immigration in the United States, from the turn of the 20th century until the present, combining approaches from literature, memoirs, language policy, media studies, and linguistic anthropology. Some fieldwork in an immigrant community. Topics include: identity, assimilation, race, bilingual communities, bilingual education, foreign accents, language contact.

Whose Democracy? Participation & Public Policy in the US

Overview of patterns in Americans' engagement and disengagement from civic life. Examination of why people do (and do not) participation. Skews based on gender, race, ideology, and class differences. Role of American interest groups and social movements in policy change. Influence of public policies (e.g., federal tax laws, participation requirements, programs such as AmeriCorps) on civic and political participation.