Aging and Health

The purpose of this course is to examine the inescapable relationship between growing older and having health problems. Our stereotypes of older adults include several components related to health, and most people in American society look forward to late life with dread because they fear that their health problems will overwhelm them.  We will begin the course with a review of the epidemiology of aging and an overall view of health in late life.

Jewish Ethics

In this course, students will study the understanding of good, evil, and the moral life in Judaism, and acquire a familiarity with the general Jewish approach to ethics from antiquity to modern times.

Children, Schools, and Society

The processes by which children are educated in the United States. Ways children acquire through schooling social skills, moral values, and a sense of their role in society. Evaluation of the appropriateness of these goals for schooling, how schooling shapes children's development, and how the education policies that sanction these processes are formed.