Context & Connections: A Tour of Durham

If you are relatively new to Durham, you are probably already beginning to explore your new surroundings. But even long term residents might not know the rich history, triumphs, and challenges their own communities have experienced. We want to invite you to Context and Connections, a tour of Durham hosted by Duke Service-Learning with the support of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, Duke Office of Civic Engagement, Cook Center on Social Equity and Forum for Scholars and Publics, in which you will be able to gain an appreciation for the history and current developments in Durham. While you won’t be able to get to know Durham deeply in a day, we at Duke Service-Learning hope this experience can be your first step in a meaningful relationship with Durham.

The day will begin with a continental breakfast, followed by an “engaged bus tour” designed to unearth and provoke discussion about lesser-known aspects of Durham’s history and Duke’s relationship to Durham. The tour will be led by Barbara Lau of the Pauli Murray Project, and Sam Miglarese and Mayme Webb-Bledsoe of the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership. We will enjoy an informal lunch with 20-30 community leaders, including non-profit leaders, government officials, historians, artists, business owners, and others who bring this community to life.

Over the course of a tour, lunch, and time for reflection and conversation, it is our hope that you will gain a deeper sense of what makes this community tick, where your personal and scholarly interests fit in, and how you might begin to develop or strengthen some authentic, reciprocal, transformative partnerships.

Space is limited and will fill up quickly.  If you're interested in participating, please contact Kimmie Garner.


Event Date: 
Friday, October 11, 2019 - 8:00am to 2:00pm
Event Contact: 
Kimmie Garner
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