Fall 2018

Service-Learning Courses

Number Title Notes Curriculum Codes
BME 490L Devices for People with Disabilities
COMPSCI 408.01 Delivering Software: From Concept to Client R, STS
DANCE 215S Performing Sexual Health ALP, CCI
DOCST 209S / DOCST 209FS Digital Documentary Photography: Education, Childhood, and Growth ALP
DOCST 224S Children's Self Expression: Literacy Through Photography ALP, EI, SS
DOCST 332S Farmworkers in North Carolina: Roots of Poverty, Roots of Change CCI, EI, SS
EDUC 101 / EDUC 101S Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education two sections: 01-LEC / 02-LEC CCI, EI, SS
EDUC 111FS Pursuit of Equality: Rethinking Schools - Lens of Social Justice CCI, EI, SS
EDUC 112FS Medical Ethics, Aging, and End of Life Care in the US ALP, CCI, EI
EDUC 113FS Enterprising Leadership and Civic Engagement EI, SS
EDUC 240 Educational Psychology Two sections: 01-LEC / 02-LEC , Cross listings: PSY CCI, EI, SS
EDUC 243S Children, Schools, and Society CCI, EI, SS, W
EDUC 408S Teaching Practices in Elementary Language Arts & Social Studies CCI, EI, SS
ENGLISH 397S Narratives of Migration
ENVIRON 287A Marine Conservation Service-Learning Course: Challenges at Sea
ENVIRON 245 Theory and Practice of Sustainability Cross listings: SUSTAIN EI, NS, R, SS, STS
ETHICS 215 Resettling Refugees in Durham 5 Sections
FRENCH 325S Issues in Global Displacement: Voix Francophones CCI, CZ, EI, FL, SS
PUBPOL 265S Enterprising Leadership EI, SS
SOCIOL 178FS Refugees, Rights and Resettlement CCI, EI, SS
SOCIOL 250 Medical Sociology EI, SS
SOCIOL 264 Death and Dying EI, SS
SPANISH 205 Advanced Intermediate Spanish CZ, FL
SPANISH 308S Latino/a Voices in Duke, Durham, and Beyond CCI, CZ, FL, W
SPANISH 313 Bridging Cultures: Latino Lives and Experiences in NC CCI, FL, SS

Community Engaged Courses

Number Title Notes
AMES 204FS Documenting the Middle East
CHINESE 305D Advanced Chinese
CHINESE 203 Intermediate Chinese Three Sections: 001, 002 and 003
EHD 393S Research Independent Study
HISTORY 706S Public Scholarship
SPANISH 306.01 Health, Culture, and the Latinx Community