Preparing Students for Service: Intellectually

Resources Description
Eby article: Why Service-Learning is Bad (pdf); Discussion Questions and Reflection Activities (pdf) An organized list of critiques common to service-learning classes. A great foundational text to expose students to common problems with the service-learning approach.
Sit Down. Be Quiet. Pay Attention. (pdf) This is a one page text that concisely challenges us to listen to the community to create opportunities of mutual service and learning. Breaking down biases, prejudices, and practices of "othering" can be accomplished through reflection, respect, and collaboration.
Starfish Hurling and Community Service” by Keith Morton This short text provides an opportunity to debate the actions of an individual trying to save starfish that are washed up on a beach. It is a good departure point to discuss different models of service and to explore ethical issues linked to our behaviors and building sustainable community partnerships.
Kahne and Westheimer article: "In the Service of What? The Politics of Service-Learning" (pdf); Discussion Questions and Reflection Activities (pdf) The discussion guide is helpful in orienting faculty on how to use the text. The text is a bit dated and a bit boring--but the comparison of charity and change is important. The 2 case studies are useful.
What I didn’t Know Then” by Kelli Covey A reflection on being an outsider hoping to implement changes within the community that contains reflections on identity, social change, and the values one brings to service.
Stephen Smith's "Lessons I Wish I'd Learned on Campus" in Nick Longo and Cynthia Gibson's "From Command to Community" A reflection from an experienced communtiy organizer about the lessons learned from his work in organizing and several best practices from the organizing approach that service-learning can be challenged by.