Resource Description
Bringle, R. G., & Hatcher, J. A. (1999). Reflection in service learning: Making meaning of experience. Educational Horizons, 77(4), 179-185. (pdf) This article explores how reflection is a cornerstone of service-learning and how active learning strategies foster academic persistence and success. It provides a theoretical framework for the pedagogy of experiential education (Dewey). It identifies types of reflection: writing, readings, presentations, etc. The article provides guidance on how to structure reflection to meet learning objectives and a rubric to assess student performance.
Reed, J., & Koliba, C. (1996). Facilitating reflection: A manual for higher education. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Volunteer and Public Service Center. This manual provides an overview of what reflection is, best practices for facilitation, and examples of reflection activities.
A Practical Guide for Integrating Civic Responsibility into the Curriculum (pdf) Context for and a list of resources focused on service and civic engagement. A bit dated and most examples focused on community college and civic engagement. Could work as a good partner resource to one focused on social justice.
The DEAL Model for Critical Reflection (pdf)