Student Development

Resource Description
Mitchell, T. D., & Donahue, D. M. (2009). "I do more service in this class than I ever do at my site”: Paying attention to the reflections of students of color in service-learning. The future of service-learning: New solutions for sustaining and improving practice, 172-190. A powerful article about students of color's experience in service learning classrooms paying paticular attention to how racial consciousness shapes service-learners experience.
"Getting Inside the "Underside" of Service-Learning: Student Resistence and Possibilities" by Susan Jones, Jen Gilbride-Brown and Anna Gasiorski in Service-Learning in Higher Education (Ed. Dan Butin) 2005. This chapter discusses student resistance through the lenses of a cognitive developmental theory of self-authorship and critical whiteness in the context of a SL course taught as a critical pedagogy. The 3 profiles of student resistance are: "the good volunteer", "the politely frustrated volunteer", and "the active resister". It suggests some strategies for engaging these types of students.