Syllabus and Course Design

Resource Description
Heffernan, K. (2001). Fundamentals of service-learning course construction. Providence, RI: Campus Compact. There is a good explanation of the 6 models for SL by Richard Cone. There is a presentation of many authentic documents that showcase the components of an effective SL syllabus and SL assignments. There are many different sample syllabi and assignments for a range of disciplines.
Howard, J. (Ed.). (2001). Service-learning course design workbook. University of Michigan: OCSL Press. This is a practical guide that leads you through the conceptualization and the planning of a service-learning course. It provides information on the criteria for SL and establishes principles of good practice for SL pedagogy. There is discussion of establishing learning goals and aligning them with assessment methods. The worksheets lead you through a step-by-step process of designing a SL course.
National Service-Learning Clearinghouse’s Effective Practices Collection The Clearinghouse is the Nation's #1 library of service-learning resources. The Clearinghouse offers thousands of free online resources for K-12, higher education, community based organization, and tribal communities.
Campus Compact’s Service-Learning Syllabi bank It is easy to search this syllabi bank according to themes and disciplines. Find inspiration for your own syllabus with additional readings and resources.
Constructing a Service-Learning Syllabus: Best Practices(pdf)  
Learning Objectives Related to Service-Learning(pdf)  
Potential Student Learning Outcomes for Service-Learning Courses(pdf)  
Service-Learning Definitions and Principles of Good Practice(pdf)  
Model Syllabi Biology/Engineering(pdf); Spanish(pdf); Philanthropy(pdf) (scroll down to the Faculty Toolkit section)

University of British Columbia's Centre for Community Engaged Learning has developed a Faculty Toolkit organized into 6 categories: Curriculum design & integration, Partnership identification and development, project development, course delivery, assessment and evaluation, and external resources and links.

Syllabus Review Checklist(pdf)