Service-Learning Faculty Fellows

The Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Program is a learning community in which new and experienced service-learning practitioners deepen their knowledge, practice, partnerships, and sense of community through a series of interactive workshops, speakers, and experiences that present current research and best practices for community-engaged pedagogy.

Benefits of Being a Service-Learning Faculty Fellow

  • Deepening Knowledge: Adding to your knowledge of community-engaged teaching and learning. All Fellows will receive a book on service-learning pedagogy, in addition to participating in the workshop series.
  • Deepening Partnership: Developing or enhancing a relationship with one or more community partners.
  • Deepening Community: Participating in a dynamic learning community of like-minded colleagues.
  • Deepening Practice: Stretching your practice of community-engaged teaching and learning by proposing or strengthening a course, or sharing your experience.
  • Additional Funding: Receive $500 in your professional development/ research account.

Expectations of Service-Learning Faculty Fellows

  1. Attend at least five workshops over the course of the academic year. (At least eight sessions will be offered in total.) Workshops will be scheduled according to mutual availability, once Fellows are chosen. Prospective topics include: Theories and models of community-engaged teaching and learning, Service-learning course design, Challenges and opportunities of community-engaged pedagogy, Preparing students for service: cultural competence and the ethics of engagement, Critical reflection, Community partnerships, Nuts and bolts of community engagement (transportation, risk management, etc), and Assessing outcomes: student learning and community impact.
  2. Meet with a potential community partner to discuss opportunities for partnership, or with an existing/former partner to assess strengths and opportunities for growth.
  3. Attend at least three Faculty Fellow gatherings over the course of the academic year. (Four sessions will be offered in total.)
  4. Complete ONE of the following:
    • ​Propose or strengthen a community-based component for an existing course
    • Apply for the service-learning designation
    • Make a presentation about your community-engaged teaching to colleagues or community partners
    • Lead a workshop for other Fellows
    • Write about your community-engaged teaching and submit it for presentation or publication in a national venue


Any Duke employee who teaches undergraduate academic courses. Duke Service-Learning has funding to support a limited number of Faculty Fellows.

Application Process

We ask interested faculty to complete an online survey by August 1 with notification of participation by August 10, 2020.

In preparation for completing the online application:

  • Please speak with your Department Chair or supervisor and ensure that s/he is supportive of your participation in the Service-Learning Faculty Fellows program.
  • Please speak with your business manager and obtain the 7-digit “Cost object” to which your stipend should be deposited, if you are selected.


Contact Amy Anderson, Service-Learning Faculty Consultant, at (919) 613-5285.