FIELD U (Faculty in Experiential Learning@Duke U)

FIELD U (Faculty in Experiential Learning@Duke U) is a civic engagement scholarship discussion group. The group meets two-three times each semester to discuss writing projects, publishing outlets, and current issues in the field. Some members also form writing groups that meet throughout the semester.

"This group was one of the highlights of my semester, from a personal perspective," says Adam Hollowell, Ph.D., Duke University Chapel…."I greatly appreciated this group, our conversations, and their support. As for the writing: This group helped me workshop a written lecture that I wanted to refine before delivering to my spring semester course. We also workshopped a book proposal that I was trying to complete. The group’s feedback on both projects was concrete, clarifying, and tremendously helpful. They helped move my projects forward in both cases."
"I used this group to vet two blogs (one will be published nationally, and one will be local)," comments Deb Reisinger, Ph.D., Romance Studies Department. "The group also gave feedback on a grant proposal (part of it was funded), as well as a book proposal. The group helped hold me accountable, and made me want to write better."
"My small group was such a great match for my interests, motivations, and skills. I enjoyed every conversation and appreciated the feedback on my ideas and my actual writing," adds Vicki Stocking, Ph.D., Robertson Scholars Leadership Program.

Faculty leaders can be contacted at or for more information. Cosponsored by Duke Service-Learning, Faculty Write and the Forum for Scholars and Publics.