Job Description

SLA assignments are for one semester, but many SLAs work with us for several semesters, accepting new assignments each term. Exact job duties will depend on the assignment, but may include any of the following:

Identify and develop appropriate community partnerships (service placements)

  • Confirm relationships with existing community partners and research new community organizations as necessary to identify sufficient student placements. Visit potential placement sites. Evaluate partnerships at the end of the semester.

Oversee and monitor service-learning placements throughout the semester

  • Coordinate the placement process, e.g., prepare descriptions of community partners, make an in-class presentation, collect forms, and match students with appropriate sites.
  • Develop or update and carry out protocols for orienting students, e.g., in-class presentations participation agreements. Participate in orientations at placements sites.
  • Check in with both students and community partners regularly throughout the semester to monitor student work and troubleshoot any problems. Help students to understand their roles and the perspectives of the community partners. Track student hours or make sure students are meeting their commitments. Make site visits as appropriate. Hold "office hours" for students as needed.
  • Provide guidance or assistance to individuals or student groups completing service projects or conducting community-based research.

Facilitate critical reflection and integration with academic content

  • Work with the course instructor (and any peer reflection facilitators) to develop a plan for reflection activities, assignments, student evaluations, and other efforts throughout the semester to integrate the service experience into the course. Read course texts as necessary. Facilitate class discussions as appropriate.
  • Read and/or respond to written reflections, summarizing student comments for the instructor if requested

Assist with research related to service-learning

Note: This will not be a major component of most assignments.

  • Conduct literature reviews, surveys, interviews, and/or focus groups. Create or maintain data bases or records. Analyze quantitative and/or qualitative data. Draft sections of a report.


  • "Be visible" by attending class and/or participating in service activities as requested.
  • Communicate and meet regularly with the instructor. Document work. Prepare an internal update mid-semester. Have an end-of-semester meeting to give and receive feedback and share final documentation.
  • Attend an orientation session and monthly meetings with Service-Learning Program. Assist the Service-Learning Program with additional tasks as appropriate, e.g., an end-of-year celebration. Submit final reflections.
  • Assist the training of other/future course coordinators when possible.