Former CHEM180 Student Continues to Share Her Knowledge in Schools

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A former student from Dr. Kenneth Lyle's course, "Chemistry Outreach: Sharing Chemistry with the Community" (CHEM180) got in touch with him to let him know that her passion for sharing chemistry with the community still burns strong. 

"This past weekend I hosted my first big event as Head of School," she wrote. "It was so fun stepping back into my Science Teacher shoes as I put on a science show for my future students and their families (an audience of 200!). I owe so much of what I know to Dr. Kenneth Lyle and to Duke Chemistry Outreach.

Lyle's service-learning course gives chemistry students the opportunity to take experiments to schools and clubs all over the Triangle to show how much fun chemistry can be. Students share their interest and enthusiasm for chemistry with the general populace residing within the communities surrounding Duke University. The primary focus on the outreach program is on K-12 level students. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for staging chemistry outreach presentations.