Hart Leadership Program Associate Director Lalita Kaligotla focuses on civic engagement and democratic participation in "Lead The Way Durham" (PUBPOL 270S)

Lalita Kaligotla

 Lead the Way Durham is an experiential learning class focused on civic engagement and democratic participation in Durham.

One thing that resonated deeply with me was the service-learning theme of making places matter. It is important for us to make places matter and we are obligated to do that as citizens in democracies in a variety of ways. As a new citizen of Durham, making my place matter in Durham was important to me. I wanted to make that part of my pedagogy for this class and enable students who come from various parts of the country and the world to make Durham their home for the four years that they’re here. One way of doing that is by actively participating in the community--interacting with residents and seeing what their lived experience is like. I think that opens up their minds and hearts in profound ways and is an important part of their experience at Duke.”  -Lalita Kaligotla, Hart Leadership Program Associate Director

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