Spring 2018

In addition to Spring 2018 Service-Learning Courses listed below, you may also wish to engage in Community Engaged Learning through its available courses listed at the bottom of this page.

Service-Learning Courses

Number Title Instructor Notes Curriculum Codes
AMES320S Refugee Lives: Violence, Culture and Identity Maha Houssami & Nancy Kalow ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
CEE315 Engineering Sustainable Design and the Global Community David Schaad Two sections CEE 315-20 / CEE 315-60 QS, STS
CHEM180 Chemistry Outreach: Sharing Chemistry with the Community Ken Lyle Two sections: 001-LEC/11L Lab NS
DOCST202S Children and the Experience of Illness John Moses ALP, SS
DOCST224S Children's Self Expression: Literacy Through Photography Katie Hyde ALP, EI, SS
DOCST230S Small Town USA: Local Collaborations Susie Post-Rust ALP, CCI, R
DOCST317S Veterans Oral History Project Michelle Lanier CCI, SS
ECON337S Social Inequalities and Low-Wage Work Genna Miller
EDUC 240/240S Educational Psychology David Malone / Molly Michelle Goldwasser Three sections: 01-LEC / 02-LEC / 01-SEM CCI, EI, SS
EDUC101 / EDUC101S Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education Amy Anderson / Martin Paul Smith / Kisha Daniels Three sections: 01-LEC / 01-SEM CCI, EI, SS
EDUC277S Medical Ethics, Aging, and End of Life Care in the US Jehanne Gheith
EDUC303S De/Re/Segregration in Education: A Case of Back to the Future? Amy Anderson
EDUC420 Elementary Education: Internship Jan Riggsbee Two Sections: 01-PRA / 02-PRA EI
ENVIRON795 Community Based Environmental Management Practicum (LEC) Elizabeth N Shapiro
ETHICS301S Business and Human Rights Advocacy Lab Suzanne Katzenstein / Juliette Duara EI, R, W
HUMANDEV260 Psychosocial Aspects of Human Development Debby Gold CCI, EI, SS
I&E 510 Social Innovation Practicum Paul Bloom/Matt Nash
JEWISHST290S Culture Wars: Identity and Culture in Israel and Palestine Christy Lohr Sapp
PHARM294 Research Independent Study in Science Education Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom (01) / Dimitri Blondel (02) Two sections PHARM 294 01 / 294 02 R
PUBPOL265S Enterprising Leadership Tony Brown EI, SS
SOCIOL263 Aging and Health Debby Gold EI, SS, W
SPANISH205 Advanced Intermediate Spanish Eileen Anderson
SPANISH307S Issues of Education and Immigration Rebecca Ewing CCI, FL
THEATRST290-4 Stories for Social Change Madeleine Lambert / Lynden Harris
THEATRST310S Nonprofit Cultural Institutions Dan Ellison EI, SS

Community Engaged Courses

Number Title Notes Instructor
CHINESE204 Intermediate Chinese Two Sections: 001 and 002 Yan Liu / Chi-Ju Hsieh
CHINESE232 Literacy in Chinese II Yujia Ye / Ya-Chuan Chou
CHINESE306-001 Advanced Chinese II Qiang Zhang
CHINESE321S Business and Interculturality in the Chinese Society Shu Ting Hsu
CHINESE333 Advanced Literacy in Chinese Qiang Zhang
CHINESE371 Classical Chinese in the Modern Context I Tianshu He
CHINESE408S Issues in Chinese Language and Society II Yujia Ye
EHD290S Evaluating Health Innovation Jessica Sperling
EHD290S Community Data in Action Jessica Sperling
ENVIRON269T-1 Voices in the Environment: Spanish Edgar Virguez
GLHLTH270T-1 Voices in Global Health: Arabic Tutorial Maha Houssami
GLHLTH270T-3 Voices in Global Health: French Tutorial Christelle Gonthier
GLHLTH270T-5 Voices in Global Health: Mandarin Tutorial Yan Liu
GLHLTH270T-6 Voices in Global Health: Spanish Tutorial Bethzaida Fernandez
JPN306 Advanced Japanese Naoko Kurokawa
SPANISH303.01 Spanish 303: Introduction to Cultural Studies Joan Clifford