Spring 2019

Service-Learning Courses

Number Title Notes Curriculum Codes
CEE 315 Engineering Sustainable Design and the Global Community Two sections CEE 315-20 / CEE 315-60 QS, STS
DOCST 202S Children and the Experience of Illness ALP, SS
DOCST 230S Small Town USA: Local Collaborations ALP, CCI, R
DOCST 317S Veterans Oral History Project CCI, SS
ECON 337S Social Inequalities and Low-Wage Work EI, SS
EDUC 101 / EDUC 101S Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education three sections: 01-LEC / 02-LEC / 01-SEM CCI, EI, SS
EDUC 240 Educational Psychology Two sections: 01-LEC / 02-LEC CCI, EI, SS
EDUC 290S Critical Pedagogy of Hip Hop ALP, CCI, EI
EDUC 303S De/Re/Segregration in Education: A Case of Back to the Future?
EDUC 420-1 Elementary Education: Internship Two Sections: 01-PRA / 02-PRA EI
EDUC 89S Why are we here: Finding purpose and meaning in education Special Topics: First Year Seminar in Ethics
ENVIRON 795 Community Based Environmental Management Practicum (LEC)
ETHICS 215 Resettling Refugees in Durham 5 Sections
HOUSECS 59.12 Addressing Poverty in Durham: Tools for Financial Coaching
HUMANDEV 260 Psychosocial Aspects of Human Development CCI, EI, SS
I&E 510 Social Innovation Practicum
PHARM 294 Research Independent Study in Science Education Two sections PHARM 294 01 / 294 02 R
PUBPOL 263 Border Crossing: Leadership, Value Conflicts, and Public Life CCI, EI, SS, W
PUBPOL 265S Enterprising Leadership EI, SS
SOCIOL 263 Aging and Health EI, SS, W
SPANISH 205 Advanced Intermediate Spanish CZ, FL
SPANISH 307S Issues of Education and Immigration CCI, FL
THEATRST 310S Nonprofit Cultural Institutions EI, SS