Spring 2020

Service-Learning Courses

Number Title Instructor Notes Curriculum Codes
AMI 283A Introduction to Global Los Angeles Kathleen Dowdey ALP
BME 490L Devices for People with Disabilities Kevin Caves
CEE 315 Engineering Sustainable Design and the Global Community David Schaad Two sections CEE 315-20 / CEE 315-60. Cross listings: ENVIRON, PUBPOL, RIGHTS QS, STS
DOCST 202S Children and the Experience of Illness John Moses Cross listings: PUBPOL, VMS ALP, SS
DOCST 230S Small Town USA: Local Collaborations Susie Post-Rust Cross listings: ARTSVIS, PUBPOL, VMS ALP, CCI, R
DOCST 317S Veterans Oral History Project Michelle Lanier Cross listings: HISTORY, RIGHTS CCI, SS
DOCST 89S.01 First Year Seminar: Borderline Humans Charles Thompson CULANTH 89S.01, ETHICS 89S.01 ALP, CCI, CZ, EI
ECON 337S Social Inequalities and Low-Wage Work Genna Miller EI, SS
EDUC 101 / EDUC 101S Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education Amy Anderson / Martin Paul Smith / Kisha Daniels three sections: 01-LEC / 02-LEC / 03-LEC CCI, EI, SS
EDUC 240 Educational Psychology David Malone / Kisha Daniels Two sections: 01-LEC / 02-LEC , Cross listings: PSY CCI, EI, SS
EDUC 290S Critical Pedagogy of Hip Hop Kisha Daniels ALP, CCI, EI
EDUC 303S De/Re/Segregration in Education: A Case of Back to the Future? Amy Anderson
EDUC 420-1 Elementary Education: Internship Jan Riggsbee Two Sections: 01-PRA / 02-PRA EI
EDUC 89S Why are we here: Finding purpose and meaning in education David Malone Special Topics: First Year Seminar in Ethics
ENVIRON 245 Theory and Practice of Sustainability Charlotte Clark Cross listings: SUSTAIN EI, NS, R, SS, STS
ENVIRON 795 Community Based Environmental Management Practicum (LEC) Elizabeth N Shapiro
ETHICS 215 Resettling Refugees in Durham Suzanne E Shanahan 5 Sections
HUMANDEV 260 Psychosocial Aspects of Human Development Debby Gold Cross listings: PSY, SOCIOL CCI, EI, SS
I&E 510 Social Innovation Practicum Paul Bloom/Matt Nash
I&E 590.01 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practicum in Global Health Dennis Clements SS
ICS 283 Death, Burial, and Justice Adam Rosenblatt Cross listings: AAAS, CULANTH, LATAMER, RIGHTS EI, SS
PHARM 294 Research Independent Study in Science Education Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom (01) / Dimitri Blondel (02) Two sections PHARM 294 01 / 294 02 R
PHARM 694 Research Independent Study in Science Education Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom (01) / Dimitri Blondel (02) Two sections PHARM 694 01 / 694 02 R
POLSCI 590-3 Mission Driven Startup Tommy Sowers / Steve McClelland SS, STS
PUBPOL 263 Border Crossing: Leadership, Value Conflicts, and Public Life Lalita Kaligotla CCI, EI, SS, W
PUBPOL 265S Enterprising Leadership Tony Brown EI, SS
PUBPOL 890.11 Using Human-Centered Design to Improve the Citizen Experience Tom Allin / Blythe Reinhard
SOCIOL 263 Aging and Health Debby Gold EI, SS, W
SPANISH 307S Issues of Education and Immigration Joan Clifford Cross listings: EDUC, LSGS, CCI, FL
THEATRST 310S Nonprofit Cultural Institutions Dan Ellison Cross listings: ECON, I&E, VMS EI, SS

Community Engaged Courses

Number Title Instructor Notes Curriculum Codes
AMES 271T / CHN 271T Voices in Philosophy: Chinese Tutorial Carolyn Lee
BME 230L / GLHLTH 230L Global Women’s Health Technologies Ramanujam Bass Connections STS
CHINESE 204 Intermediate Chinese Yan Liu / Ya-Chuan Chou Two Sections: 001 and 002 CCI, CZ, FL
CHINESE 205 Intermed-Mid CHINESE Hsieh
CHINESE 306 Advanced Chinese II Chi-Ju Hsieh ALP, CCI, CZ, FL
CHINESE 321S Business and Interculturality in the Chinese Society Shu-Ting Hsu CCI, CZ, FL
CHINESE 333 Advanced Chinese: Heritage Leaners Shu-Ting Hsu ALP, CCI, CZ, FL
CHINESE 408S Issues in Chinese Language and Society II Shu Zhang ALP, CCI, CZ, FL
CHINESE 450S Understanding China and the United States: Stereotypes, Conflicts, and Common Challenges Yan Liu
CULANTH 275T Voices in Cultural Anthropology: Advertising Deb Reisinger & Lisa Merschel two sections 01 and 02
PUBPOL 273T / SPAN 271T Voices in PUBLIC POLICY in Spanish: Whose Line is it Anyway? What it really means to "Get in Line" to Immigrate Legally Rebecca Ewing
PUBPOL 283.01 LEC / 283.01 SEM Ethics in an Unjust World Adam Hollowell CCI, CZ, EI, SS
ROMST 362D Soccer Politics Laurent Dubois Cross listings: ICS, HISTORY, ARTS&SCI
SPANISH 310 Translating Spanish-English and English-Spanish Melissa Simmermeyer / Joan Munné