Why Should You Engage in Service-Learning?

What We Offer

Service-Learning enhances and deepens your understanding of an academic discipline or subject, while providing you with experience that develops leadership and life skills and engaging you in critical reflection about individual, institutional, and social ethics. Service-Learning provides you with:

  • Opportunity to make a positive difference in our community
  • Opportunity to apply what you're learning in the classroom to contemporary issues
  • Opportunity for meaningful interaction between faculty and students
  • Opportunity to learn from community members

Our Courses

Service-Learning Classes embed and integrate engagement experiences with course content. Duke currently has about 70 unique service-learning courses (not all offered each semester) and more than 1,000 students enrolled annually in our classes.

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Community-Based Language Initiative

The Community-Based Language initiative emphasizes that because our communities are now so diverse, "local" is "global." This initiative focuses on building bridges between Duke language students and different language communities both locally and abroad.

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