Work Schedule & Compensation

Work Schedule

SLAs are typically assigned to work with one course per semester, depending on availability. On average, SLAs work about five hours per week, though work hours can fluctuate greatly from week to week. In some cases the bulk of the work is concentrated in the first few weeks of the semester; in others it spikes at different times, or is spread evenly. In most cases the work can be completed on the SLA's own schedule, however certain tasks may be pre-scheduled, e.g., attending class, or required to take place during business hours, e.g., making phone calls to community partners. SLAs are expected to be available to work for at least one full semester, and are often invited to continue in future semester.


SLA positions are federal work-study positions, paid at $16 per hour. SLAs submit biweekly time reports and are paid based on actual hours worked.