Two Stellar Students

Monday, April 24, 2017

Duke Service-Learning is delighted to announce our Betsy Alden Outstanding Service-Learning Award student winners for 2017. Kristen Larson (second from left) and Christina Williams (second from right) were chosen for their extraordinary community engagement during their Duke careers. (Others in the photo are Dane Emmerling, left, Betsy Alden, center, and David Malone, right.)

Kristen's nominator, Ana Fernandez, stated, “Kristen’s genuine, generous and committed service is a common trait that she has displayed during her time at Duke University….Kristen’s initiative and leadership, dedication and commitment to her service is also present in the classroom, through her remarkable sharing of knowledge, expertise and insights of the Latino community in Durham and in North Carolina, providing always thorough and enlightening contributions to our conversation. Kristen’s course reflections show a deep understanding and empathy of the purpose of service learning, what her role is and how she can better contribute to give a successful service to the community.” The selection committee was further impressed by how dedicated Kristen is to remaining engaged and aware, no matter how busy she is with other commitments.

Christina's nominator, Ebony Hargro, stated that “throughout her Duke career, Christina has demonstrated through her co-curricular and academic engagements that community-building and serving the public good are principles that she holds close to her heart.” Service-Learning director David Malone also wrote a letter of support for Christina's nomination after having worked closely with her in his classes and in the service-learning office. He noted that she contributes to service-learning in many ways, and in addition, says she is "consistently reliable, extremely competent, and always personable….your enthusiasm and positive attitude make you a joy to work with. You are a very special individual who demonstrates strong personal qualities, competence and seriousness of purpose.” The selection committee was impressed by how many different ways Christina has chosen to engage, both locally and internationally, and how much she values the reflection process.

Congratulations to these two students who beautifully model what it means to be actively engaged in their communities!