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Join the service-learning student group!

LEAPS (Learning through Experience, Action, Partnership, and Service) is a student organization whose mission is to serve as advocates for service-learning at Duke and consultants to Duke Service-Learning.

Nominate someone for an Alden Award!

The Betsy Alden Outstanding Service-Learning Awards recognize one graduating senior, one faculty member, and one community partner for their outstanding commitment to the ideals of service-learning.

Are you in the loop?

For announcements about Duke service-learning courses and programs, volunteer opportunities, service-related job postings and internships, conferences, and research opportunities...

Other ways to incorportate civic engagement into your academics:

  • Talk to one of Duke's global/civic advisors. The Undergraduate Global Advising office has some great resources to help you find your path and make it happen, as well as profiles and pointers from other students.

  • Explore courses, programs, and research on particular civic engagement topics using Duke's Civic Engagement portal.

  • Look for House Courses that combine study with public service, such as Project Durham, Developing Leadership through Community Service, or the Durham Giving Project

  • Apply for a DukeEngage program with a strong academic component such as a preparation or follow-up course.

  • Take part in the Bass Connections program., a university-wide initiative that links faculty and students to respond to complex challenges through problem-focused educational pathways and project teams.

  • Consider applying for an undergraduate research program or proposing a senior honors thesis/project to investigate a pressing social issue or concern.

  • Explore the Kenan Institute for Ethics, which offers a pre-orientation program, Focus cluster, DukeEngage project, and ethics certificate, among other opportunities.

  • Check out the Hart Leadership Program within the Sanford School of Public Policy, which infuses "research service-learning" into core Public Policy courses and offers service, leadership, and social entrepreneurship programs.

  • Visit Duke Global Health to learn more about their certificate programs, Focus cluster, semester abroad, and other opportunities.

  • Engineering students: explore Pratt's many service and outreach programs.

  • Interested in studying abroad? Consider finding global education courses with community-based learning components, such as Duke in Montreal  or Duke in Costa Rica.

For general volunteer opportunities, visit the Duke Community Service Center or join one of the many student service organizations sponsored by the Duke Partnership for Service.

Cole Wicker, T'18 wants you to know why you should take a service-learning course!

Miurel Price, '15

    • price150
Miurel Price was set on the path leading to her senior thesis project in a service-learning course about aging and health taught by Deborah Gold, associate professor of medical sociology. Price conducted research for project on how different healing therapies, such as dance, art or drumming have an effect on the health…
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Laxmi Rajak, '15

    • laxmi rajak 15
I am currently a senior at Duke, double majoring in International Comparative Studies and Mathematics, and minoring in Education. I am originally from Nepal. My experience with service-learning at Duke began my freshman year, when I was enrolled in a focus program called Knowledge in the Service of Society. As a…
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Sarah Gordon, '13

    • sarah gordon resized
When I came to Duke as a sophomore I brought with me my own definitions of service and ideas about its role in my student life. Throughout my childhood and into high school I was always involved in a number of community service endeavors, which continued through my freshman year at…
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Jacob Tobia, '14

    • jacob tobia 14
“I never let schooling get in the way of my education”             In so many ways, this quote from Mark Twain encapsulates my approach to service learning. In high school, I so often found myself frustrated with academics. As someone who plans to dedicate their life to community organizing and social…
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