Service-Learning Faculty Community

A primary goal of Duke Service-Learning is to provide support and assistance to departments, programs, and individual faculty members seeking to integrate service-learning and community engagement into their academic objectives.

We can help you:

  • Create a new service-learning course: We offer customized resources, suggest potential community partners, help you develop assignments and assessment protocols, and provide feedback on your syllabus as requested.
  • Deepen your community engaged practice through Individual consultations and classroom presentations: Our faculty consultants are available to discuss course & syllabus design, community partnerships identification and relationship development, critical reflection, assessment, and make presentations to your class about service-learning. Contact us to arrange a meeting.
  • Apply to be a Service-Learning Faculty Fellows: The Fellows program is a learning community in which new and experienced service-learning practitioners deepen their knowledge, practice, partnerships, and sense of community.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about service-learning and network with colleagues: We offer workshops, roundtable discussions, and other opportunities for you to connect with colleagues, share successes and challenges, and take away new ideas and resources for connecting civic engagement to the curriculum.
  • Receive financial support: We have a limited amount of funding available to support service-learning courses, research, and professional development. Course enhancement funds are available in conjunction with new requests for the SL label, while applications for supplemental funds are accepted on an ongoing basis.
  • Apply for service-learning assistants (SLAs): SLAs assist service-learning faculty with community partner placements, student reflection, and other tasks. Faculty are invited to apply for SLAs each semester.
  • Utilize practical and theoretical resources for your class: Visit our currated list of resources to deepen your theoretical understanding of service-learning and overcome practical challenges in your course.