For Faculty

A core function of Duke Service-Learning is supporting faculty members seeking to integrate service-learning and community engagement into their academic objectives. We offer:

Faculty Consultation

  • Course Design
    Faculty consultants can assist with course design, including the development of syllabi, critical reflection activities, and learning assessments.

Course Support

  • Financial Support
    We provide course enhancement funds for both new and established courses.  Funding requests of up to $1000 will be considered for NEW service-learning or community-engaged courses.  For ongoing courses, up to $500 will be considered.
  • Service-Learning Assistants (SLAs)
    We can provide a service-learning assistant (SLA) to assist with community partner placements, lead student reflections, and help with other tasks. Faculty are invited to apply for SLAs each semester.
  • Class Presentations
    We can do presentations to your class about service-learning.
  • Logistical Resources
    Our logistical resources include sample checklists, contracts, and forms.
  • Transportation Resources
    Our overview of transportation options for off-campus experiences can help with transportation needs.

Professional Learning

  • Faculty Resources
    Our curated list of resources can help you deepen your theoretical understanding of service-learning, develop your scholarship, and learn more about Durham. 
  • Events & Programming
    Our events and programming offer opportunities to be part of a learning community in which new and experienced service-learning practitioners deepen their knowledge, practice, partnerships, and sense of community.  We schedule both live and virtual events through the academic year.  Events are advertised through our newsletter, and also on our events calendar.
  • Context and Connections

    Each fall, Duke Service-Learning hosts Context and Connections: an Immersive Experience for Duke Faculty in Durham.  This engaged bus tour is intended for new Duke faculty as well as others interested in deepening their own knowledge of the Durham community. See a virtual tour of the program HERE.  


  • Newsletters
    We regularly send newsletters to our subscribers, highlighting courses and practices.
  • Student Fairs
    We attend student fairs and promote service-learning and community-engaged courses.
  • SLCE Course Label
    All service-learning and community-engaged courses are labeled and searchable in DukeHub.