Logistical Resources

Minors Policy

Please refer to the Policy for Minors in Duke Programs for information about working with children under the age of 18.


Working with Durham Public Schools

All Duke students working in Durham Public Schools (DPS) must go through the DPS volunteer process in addition to the Minors in Duke Programs process.   

  1. A new background check must be completed each year. 

  2. Students will be required to view a video before working in Durham Public Schools. 

  3. Photo ID will be required to enter the building. 

  4. An email confirmation of the completed application may be required to enter the school 

Volunteer Application 

Please ask students to complete the DPS Volunteer application.  If they are under 18 years of age, they will need the "Parental Permission to Volunteer" form. 

  • Use a Duke email address 
  • Include your social security number 
  • If you do not have a social security number, upload one of the other forms of identification
  • Under affiliation, check the College/University box
  • You do not need to check boxes related to specific schools, subjects, activities, etc. 

If you have complications, please contact servicelearning@duke.edu

Logistical Resources