The Service-Learning Label at Duke

Duke Service-Learning facilitates the official labeling of service-learning courses in DukeHub, working with the Registrar's Office and the Trinity College office of Curriculum & Course Development.

For an undergraduate course to be formally labeled as a service-learning course on DukeHub and in University publications, the course must meet the following criteria:

  1. Students engage in a minimum of 20 hours of planned service activities.
  2. The service experience is integrally related to the academic subject matter of the course.
  3. Coursework involves critical reflection on the relationship between academic course content and the service experience.
  4. Coursework involves critical reflection on the ethical and civic dimensions of the service experience. 

All those who teach academic undergraduate courses at Duke are eligible to apply. 

Apply for the Service-Learning Label   Schedule a Meeting 

NOTE: A meeting isn’t mandatory, but we would welcome the opportunity to hear about your ideas in depth, and would be glad to discuss your questions and concerns.

You may request the service-learning label as early as you like, but to ensure that your request is processed before bookbagging opens, please submit requests for fall courses by early January of each year, and requests for spring courses by early August of each year. Once we have approved your request, we’ll work with your department to ensure that the SL label appears in the registration system and if appropriate, the course catalog.