Readings for Students

Reading with Discussion Questions 

Why Service-Learning is Bad
This paper examines potential negative aspects of service-learning and identifies an agenda for strengthening the service provided through service-learning.

Reflection Questions
Questions to accompany the article, Why Service-Learning is Bad.

Starfish Hurling and Community Service
This short text provides an opportunity to debate the actions of an individual trying to save starfish that are washed up on a beach. It is a good departure point to discuss different models of service and to explore ethical issues linked to our behaviors and building sustainable community partnerships.

In the Service of What?  The Politics of Service-Learning.
An article from the Phi Delta Kappa that explores the political side of service-learning through two case studies.

Discussion and Reflection Activities
Questions to accompany the article, In the Service of What?

Personal Reflections

Organizing 101:  Lessons I Wish I'd Learned on Campus
A reflection from an experienced communtiy organizer about the lessons learned from his work in organizing and several best practices from the organizing approach that service-learning can be challenged by.

What I Didn't Know Then
A personal reflection by Kelli Covey, reflecting on her year of service directly after college graduation.

Sit Down.  Be Quiet.  Pay Attention.
A point of view reflection by Robert L. Sigmon. Published in the NSEE Quarterly.