Connecting Academic Curriculum to Collaborations With Communities

Service-Learning links classroom learning with service to communities. Service opportunities are developed through collaboration among faculty, students, and individuals and organizations in the community. Service-learning goes beyond extracurricular community service; it involves participants in reading, reflection, and analysis. Credit is awarded not for service alone, but for academic work integrating the service experience. Service-learning helps deepen understanding of an academic subject by providing experiences that develop a wide range of skills, from cross-cultural awareness to critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership skills.

Service placements are designed to meet two criteria:

  • to enhance the educational goals of a course, and
  • to serve the public good by providing a needed service to individuals, organizations, schools, or other entities in the community.

Our primary goal is to provide support and assistance to faculty members seeking to integrate service-learning and community engagement into their academic objectives. Learn more by contacting us for a consultation or visiting the links below.

Local, national, and international service-learning and civic engagement organizations: