First-Year Seminar


Why are we here: Finding purpose and meaning in education

The aims of education in general - and the purpose of college in particular - often remain invisible to and unexamined by students and faculty.  This seminar will examine the multiple functions and purposes education serves - from credentialing to career preparation to finding meaning and purpose in one's life.  Students will examine the current scholarship on teaching and learning (SoTL) with a particular focus on emerging trends in progressive education such as self-authorship, integrative learning, experiential learning, growth mindset, and digital innovation.  Students will analyze divergent philosophies of education and then develop and articulate their own educational philosophy and statement of purpose.  Ethical issues and inequities in educational opportunities will be explored.  Students will engage in a service-learning experience focused on social-emotional learning (SEL) working as mentors to children in a local public school.


Topics vary each semester. Instructor: Staff


Instructor: Malone


Prereq: First year, First year with exception or Transfer students only

Typically Offered