Neuroscience Service Learning: Brain Connections


Students will engage in a minimum of 20 hours of planned service activities researching and creating neuroscience educational activities aligned with the needs of local community after-school camps. Students will be partnering with the Durham Children's Initiative ( and the Downtown Durham YMCA ( The service experience is integrally related to understanding the cognitive developmental stage in the design of educational activities about neuroscience when targeting specific ages and grade levels. The coursework will involve critical reflection on the educational experience and community relationship of both the audience (camp kids), facilitators (camp counselors), and creators (enrolled students). Students will explore communities, collect information on needs and requests, and design an educational curriculum in partnership. Students will examine ethical and civic dimensions of the service experience through reflection and self-assessment, discussion and learning from partners, analysis of readings and other resources. Throughout the service experience, students will adopt culturally sensitive practices and explore ways to make the educational activities maximally accessible.

Learn major scientific discoveries and technological advances in psychology, biology, and neurology that shaped contemporary neuroscience and society. Discuss early and recent works ranging from popular media to scientific journals online and in-class. Improve written communication through self-reflection and weekly feedback from instructor and peers. Develop and assess neuroscience demonstrations in team environment for engaging local communities. Prerequisites: strong competency in foundational knowledge of neuroscience - successful completion of Neuroscience 101 and TWO of the following core courses: Neuroscience 201, 211, 212 or 223 (concurrent enrollment in 2nd core course acceptable). Instructor: Ng


Cross-Listed as
PSY 444S

Curriculum Codes
  • STS
  • NS
  • SS
Cross-Listed As
  • PSY 444S
Typically Offered
Spring Only