Special Topics in Arts Management


This course will focus attention on the opportunities for the arts (theaters, museums, galleries, concert venues, school programs, etc) to increase the participation of persons with disabilities and to include persons with disabilities as part of the discussions for increasing diversity. The course will explore the changing societal values with regards to including access for persons with disabilities, and examine arts access as both an ethical/societal obligation as well as an opportunity. The course will study the various ways in which arts presenters have improved arts access since the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, and similar to the concept of "universal design," the course will explore concepts and means of providing universal arts access. The service learning component of the course will include working with local arts organizations or venues (or arts components of broader organizations) to assess their accessibility and assist with developing programs to improve their accessibility.

Topics in aspects of arts management.


Instructor: Dan Ellison

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Fall and/or Spring