Special Topics in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

I&E 590

Please Note: There (2) I&E 590 Special Topics service-learning courses offered this semester:

1. Mission Driven Start-Up: Needs finding, a problem worth solving: Formerly entitled Hacking for Defense™ (H4D), this course designed for all graduate students in all schools and programs, takes an entrepreneurial, interdisciplinary approach to America’s hardest national security challenges. The complexity of these challenges demands a transformative effort that requires multi-faceted teams comprised of graduate students from the schools of foreign servicepolicy, law, continuing studies, medicine, and business. We need and want policy professionals, makers and mechanical engineers, systems engineers, computer scientists, biomedical and public health professionals, entrepreneurs, physicists, scientists, and everyone between to be part of this unique effort. H4D is a modern renaissance class – it covers policy, economics, technology, national security, and whatever else you need to learn to solve your problem sponsor’s pain points. You will be at the forefront of changing the paradigm of problem-solving and solution development for the U.S. Government. The course is demanding; you’ll present at every class, you’ll work closely with your team, you’ll receive relentlessly direct feedback, your problem sponsors, mentors, military liaisons, corporate partners, investors and journalists may be in the room, but, you’ll be solving real problems for real customers, in real-time. Instructors: Sowers / McClelland

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2.  Special Topics: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practicum in Global Health: Students will engage with entrepreneurs to learn about and support the design, development, validation, assessment, and scaling up of innovative, sustainable approaches to addressing critical health, social and environmental problems in East Africa. Teams will gather and analyze data, develop recommendations, formulate implementation plans, and provide other capacity-building support to clients that may include entrepreneurs, enterprises, funders, public sector innovators, and corporate social impact managers. Projects may be in areas such as strategy, program, marketing and communications, operations, finance, human capital, public private partnerships, etc. Instructor: Clements

Selected topics in innovation and entrepreneurship. Consent of instructor is required. Instructor: Staff


Two courses offered. Please see description.

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