Voices in the Environment: French


The Cultures & Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) program offers half credit courses that focus on current issues in global health, public policy and the environment. CLAC courses are taught in a world language other than English and allow you to put your skills to use in a real world context. If you have finished your language requirement and wish to extend your fluency, these courses will help build your conversation skills. If you are preparing for or returning from a global learning experience, they offer a useful way to process your experience. CLAC will prepare you for an international career using your world language skills.

Voices in the Environment is a CLAC series that explores how language and culture impact environmental beliefs, behaviors, and interventions. Through practical and theoretical discussions around case studies, visual texts, and interviews, we will examine global environmental challenges from local perspectives. Guest speakers will help us explore the underlying reasons for different beliefs and behaviors, with the goal of creating appropriate interventions related to sustainability.

This course loosely follows the structure of ENVIRON 201. While students are encouraged to enroll in both courses, concurrent enrollment is not required. Tutorials are taught entirely in the target language. Prerequisite: 4 semesters-level of language study or equivalent. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. 

In this course, students will explore how language and culture impact environmental policy and practice. Through authentic text, video, and case studies in French, students will analyze environmental issues in the Francophone World to develop their understanding of core issues in the field. Tutorials meet for 75 minutes/week. Taught in French. Instructor: Staff
Cross-Listed As
  • ENVIRON 269T-2
Typically Offered
Fall Only